October 2018 General Meeting

Program: Women in Law Enforcement

Date/Time: Tuesday, October 9, 2018    7:00 PM 

Location: Elgin Historical Society, 360 Park Street, Elgin

Program:   Women in Law Enforcement – Panel featuring Elgin Police Chief Anna Lalley and other female officers.

In August, 2018, Anna Z. Lalley became Elgin’s 2nd female police chief, and the 2nd of only two female police chiefs in major Illinois cities.  Despite a dearth of women at the top, the “Boys in Blue” are seeing more women join law enforcement units across the country.  Find out how Chief Lalley and her sister officers of the Elgin Police Department are transforming their profession in this lively, informal panel presentation.

Note: Illinois’ two female chiefs both serve in Kane County.  The other is Chief Kristen Ziman of the Aurora PD.