Women and Culture Interest Group

Women and Culture Interest Group
Facilitator: Jennifer Ford
Contact: jdford1943@gmail.com  or 847-209-2248

These programs are an outgrowth from the Diversity Committee.  As such, the purpose is to help make meaningful connections to diverse cultures within our Elgin area community.  We learn, and we also welcome new women as members to make our Branch more inclusive.  AAUW National has challenged each Branch to be actively anti-racist, so many of our programs will reflect that goal  This year we hope to expand the definition of “culture” to include the arts: music, literature, and visual arts.

International networking influences our activities, so as the Diversity Committee , we participate in the Martin Luther King Breakfast, the Elgin Hispanic Network Gala, Juneteenth, March Women’s History Month programming, the Pride Parade, and other appropriate community events.  Traditionally, the June meeting is dedicated to reports from members on Extraordinary Women.

When: Usually on the 4th Thursday of the month, unless the program or the presenter necessitates a change.
Time: 1:00p.m. (subject to change for special events)
Place: Except for special events we will meet in member’s homes or on Zoom.

Emails will be sent to members for scheduled events.

Upcoming Meetings:  2021

September 25, 2021 1:00 pm     Narrated walking tour of the 18 pieces of public art in downtown Elgin, ending in an optional meal at Al’s Café.  Details to follow.

October 19, 2021   6:30-8:00 pm   Gail Borden Public Library Meadows Rooms.
Encouraging all members to attend the Women On The Brink public forum to discuss  “Elgin’s Children in Poverty: From Awareness to Advocacy,”  learning about the culture of women struggling to survive and flourish.  Co-sponsoring with League of Women Voters, YWCA, and GBPL

November 4, 2021  1:00 pm   Field Trip to Nancy Kimball Cobblestone House,
302 East Chicago Street

December 9,2021 1:00pm  Family Traditions.  How  your family celebrates holidays, relating to your traditions from religion, ethnicity, region, family. Place TBA

January 27 or February 24, 2022    STEM students reporting on WOC inventors, Zoom, Time TBA

March 8, 2022    6:30pm  Gail Borden Public Library 
Joining all members to celebrate International Women’s Day.  A history of Contemporary Women: 1960-Present

April, 2022   Tour of B’Hai House of Worship in Wilmette.  Date and time TBA

 May 12, 2022 1:00pm    LGBTQ        Place:TBA

June 9, 2022  1:00 pm  Extraordinary Women in Music       Place TBA

Juneteenth –  With City of Elgin. Details TBA