Women and Culture Interest Group

Women and Culture Interest Group
Facilitator: Sue Schulz
Contact: sue.schulz@att.net or 847-741-7610

How does culture affect/effect us as women? How can we build an understanding of different cultures? How can we make meaningful connections within the diverse communities of our area? By participating in a variety of activities, we will expand our knowledge and understanding of global communities and those represented here in Elgin. These activities will broaden our opportunity to meet and connect with diverse women along with building our branch as an inclusive center that will know how to work with a diverse community and value what it will bring to the branch.

When: 3rd or 4th THURSDAY or some Saturdays of the month (open to change for special events). Email will be sent to membership with scheduled events.
Time: 1:00p.m. (subject to change for special events)
Place: Members homes (subject to change for special events)

This group is meant to be an organic environment, planned usually by each season. Member leadership is encouraged for planning and execution of meetings.

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Upcoming Meetings:  2020
All scheduled meetings are Zoom meetings.  Contact Sue Schulz if you are interested in participating and want to receive the Zoom invitation.       sueschulz@att.net 

August 27, 2020   1:00 PM (Zoom)  The Impact of Covid-19   Host: Sue Schulz
We will reflect on how 9/11 changed the world and then compare the impact of this virus and how it, too, will change the world.  We will also hear from Amanda Garcia and her birthing experience during Covid. There will be time to share personal experience and what we think will be the cultural effects of this epidemic.

September 24,2020   1:00 PM (Zoom)    Organizer: Jennifer Ford         Native American MISS
 Native American Mission Women 
Often, as a result of jurisdictional dispute, there is a disproportionate occurrence among Native American women of sex trafficking, sexual assault, and women who go missing and are murdered.

October 22, 2020   1:00 PM   (Zoom)    Organizer: Sue Schulz
How Racism Effects/Affects Us
We will take a look at what is systemic racism  by viewing Dr. Jones TED talk, Allegories on Race & Racism and then assess how we react to it.  This will be a safe space to talk about how racism effects/affects us.

November – There will be no meeting in November due to the Thanksgiving holiday. 

December 17, 2020   1:00 PM  (Zoom)  Organizer: Jennifer Ford
Eleanor Roosevelt Day    (Jennifer Ford, Judi Tepe, Jeanne Hebeisen 
Eleanor Roosevelt an AAUW inspiration.  We will reflect on how she and we sought out our womanhood and how we can apply it today.

Past Meetings:
July 23, 2020              100th Anniversary Extraordinary Women of AAUW 

June 25,2020               Seneca Falls and Women’s History Tou

February 20, 2020   Hostess: Mary Navin 1:00 PM
Guest Speaker:  Erin Rheberg, Side Street Studio Arts

January 23, 2020   Hostess: Patty Harkin 1:00 PM
“Each One, Reach One” – film