Tidbits: The 1960’s

    • The first Art Showcase (a fine arts show) began in 1960. It was a project of special pride to the Elgin Branch for 49 years. Its purpose was to encourage understanding and appreciation of the visual arts and to afford local artists an opportunity to show and sell their work.
    • The 1960-61 year began the decade of the 60’s with an appropriate theme: “The Challenges of the Sixties.” Programs were planned for the busy professional woman, likewise for the busy young mother, the recent graduate, and retired members.
    • In 1962 The national Education Foundation Program (EFP) began giving named grants. The first one given by our branch was in the name of The Elgin Branch.
    • A Branch study group in 1963-65, “The American Family in a Changing world,” grew into a project with the YWCA and other organizations to institute a pre-school program for disadvantaged children. This eventually because Elgin’s Headstart program.
    • In 1965, the Elgin Branch supported state legislation urging the establishment of a State Board of Education.