Tidbits:  The 1930’s


  • In the 1930’s many Elgin branch members were early state officers: Louise Malvern of Elgin was the first state secretary. Mrs. Hazel Linkfield was state membership chair and later served as state president, 1937-39.
  • A Legislative Forum attended by 10 other Illinois AAUW branches, was sponsored by the Elgin Branch.
  • As a result of a branch program on the “Problems Facing Rural Education in Kane County,” branch members donated books to help establish a library to serve the rural schools.
  • A branch fundraiser was the sale of rolls of wax paper.
  • The Elgin Branch often joined with various other Elgin women’s groups for programs and projects, as we still do today. In 1933 a meeting was held with the League of Women Voters and Business & Professional Women’s Club to hear Mr. Clifton Utley gave a talk on International Relations, described in the branch minutes as “a very clarifying explanation of the present world situation.”