100th Anniversary Events

Original Date in 2020 Event Projected Rescheduling
April 25 Day of Empowerment Spring or Fall of 2021
May 20 100th Celebratory Banquet Dinner Spring or Fall of 2021
June 20 Garden Walk Spring of 2021
Oct. 11 100th Images of the Heartland

Reception, Show & Sale

Spring or Fall of 2021
Nov. 13 100th Women Artist through the Ages For now, we are hoping this will go as scheduled. If a change has to occur, we will send a notification ASAP.

2020 has been a very challenging year for the entire world.  The virus and social distancing have changed our reality and how we all do things. But this will not deter our branch from celebrating our great accomplishment of celebrating our 100 years. Our perspective, timing, and how we do this may change from “Looking Back Moving Forward” to something like “Stepping into the Second 100 Years.