Centro de Informacion Auction Breakfast

AAUW Women & Culture invites you to
Centro de Informacion Auction Donation Garden Party
July 21, 2018
1005 Spring St., Elgin
The goals of W & C are to understand how culture effects/affects women, look at relevant current issues that affect women, and most importantly, connect with the communities here in Elgin.  AAUW recognizes that issues of equity – from fair pay to sexual assault to access to health care – affect all women, and women in marginalized groups often disproportionately experience the effects of these issues.
Centro de Informacion has been a faithful leader serving the needs of the Spanish speaking community in our area.  The work they do improves the lives of the women (and families) in our community (their services are noted on the invitation).  Every year, in September, they hold their fundraising auction Gala to raise funds for their organization.  This year, Patty Harkin and myself are sitting on their committee as representatives of AAUW.  In order to raise donations for their Gala, our branch is hosting a breakfast.  This will be a wonderful way to connect our communities and further build our relationship between our organizations.
The last 12 months have been challenging for the immigrant community.  Dream A Bigger Dream is this year’s theme for the benefit gala and auction.  Inspired by the fact that all Americans came from an ancestor who once dreamed an American dream to our more recent history, recipients of DACA have become known as “Dreamers” and are some of Centro’s youngest clients with some of the biggest dreams.  The gala will be a celebration of the unity of true community, beauty of diversity and strength of those brave enough to Dream a Bigger Dream.
Last year, our branch did such an outstanding job at volunteering our time and donations that Centro bestowed upon us a special recognition in appreciation of this work.  Our contributions greatly helped this organization attain its mission.  By  volunteering  your time, auction donation and attending the gala on September 29, 2018, our branch will also attain our mission of advocating  for women and their families in this community.
We hope that many of you will donate some great auction items (see list on attached invitation) and join us at this special event.  In order to make this event successful we are looking for volunteers for food and help at this event   (details will follow for those interested in helping at this event).  If you are interested in helping, please contact me at sue.schulz@att.net , call 847 741 7610 or pharkin@gmail.com, 847 695 0890.


Centro de Informacion Auction Breakfast – Flyer