January 2017 General Meeting

Program:  Rape Culture
Date/Time: Saturday, January 21, 2017  11:00 A.M.
Location: St. Hugh of Lincoln Episcopal Church    36W957 Highland Ave., Elgin

Casserole and Salad Luncheon

Program: Kate Midday, Instructor of English and Chair of Learning Communities at McHenry Community College, will address the “feminist hysteria” label used to dismiss the systematic realities of expected sexual violence in America, and prove that rape culture is, in fact, a real and pervasive horror that threatens the progress of women more than any other threat in our contemporary culture. The dehumanization of women and encouraged hypersexualization of girls has led to a warped, sick, norming process by which women have been forced to take responsibility for preventing it – and for having caused it in the first place.

Please bring a salad or casserole to share, or contribute $8.00. Please also consider donating to our annual silent auction to benefit AAUW’s Legal Action Fund.