Women and Culture Interest Group

This group will meet to learn and reflect upon how culture affects us as women.

When:  3rd Wednesday of each month
Time:   10:30 a.m.
Place:   Members homes
(These are open to change for special events)

As we build an understanding of different cultures, we will learn to make meaningful connections within the diverse communities of our area.

By participating in field trips, special activities, and discussions based on books or movies, we will expand our knowledge and understanding of global communities, as well as those represented here in Elgin. The activities will broaden our opportunity to meet and connect with diverse women, and build our branch into an inclusive center that knows how to work with a multi-cultural community and values what it brings to the branch.

Facilitator:  Sue Schulz
Contact:      sue.schulz@att.net    or    847-741-7610

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Invitation to Get Acquainted with Muslim Women and Girls

Women & Culture is inviting our members to participate in 2 events that will help us to learn more about the Muslim Women in our community.  The first is an opportunity to learn more about the faith and to build a connection with the Muslim women of this community.  The second (the tea) will be a cultural experience and an opportunity to share AAUW with these young women and their moms.   Both of these events are vital to our mission of seeking out a diverse membership. I am hoping for a great turn out for both.  Please RSVP by the noted dates.
Getting Acquainted and Connecting with Muslim Women in our Community.
At this event we will discuss an overview of the faith, the role of women, how women are affected in the US and how our branch can support this community.  We will have a time to socialize and snack (looking for those who will donate, NOTE: no pork or alcohol)
Please Come to:
2956 Kelly Dr. Elgin, 60124 (Providence subdivision)
March 16, 6:30
Home of Kiran Rasul
There is space for only 20 women.  Please RSVP by March 10th to sue.schulz@att.net
 Blessed Bonds Tea
This event will be a tea provided by a group called Blessed Bonds.  This is a young group of girls who work to bring religious understanding and camaraderie between specific age groups. 
Please Come to:
37W903 Heritage Oaks Dr., St. Charles, Il
April 22, @ 2:30
Home of Salina Naser
Please come ready to share AAUW and our personal and historical stories of how we as women have participated in the struggles to advance and educate the issues that face young girls and women.
There is space for only 25 women.  Please RSVP by April 7th to sue.schulz@att.net